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Detail of Finished Wrap

Starting to explore woven shibori which is a weaving technique pioneered by Catherine Ellis where you weave the shibori gathering thread into the fabric. My sample weavings were a Monk’s Belt pattern that led me to try another traditional pattern called Bronson Lace which is often used for linens.


Detail of Wrap - darker brown is wool fibre

I used a linen and wool warp with silk and wool in the weft. I dyed it in a natural bath of Lichen, red oak leaves and onion skins. The different delicate browns resulted from the different dye affinity of the linen, wool and silk. The wrap retains it texture from the Shibori gathering and you can also still see the patterning. I am looking forward to seeing how the texture gradually relaxes over time. The lichen also left a wonderful outdoorsy smell to the textile.

Web with Shibori supplementary weft - before dyeing

Finished Wrap

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