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Walking in my bare feet in the garden this evening… it’s warm, overcast and rainy… good for taking pictures. I have so many blossoms to experiment with now – I need more space for my flower stash along with my fibre stash. Most of the spring flowers are going to seed now and there is that little bit of a lull before everything explodes. I think of early spring as the blue period because of the profusion of blue bells, crocuses and then the iris… and then later in the spring it seems to move into the reds, pinks and purples with all the peonies, roses and foxgloves. This inclement weather is making the iris last which I believe has been the most successful blossom so far for dyeing and pounding… and the smell is wonderful on the fabric. Will post my shamples in a later post.

Lots of foxgloves (Digitalis purpurea) this year

Lupins – going to seed already


Alliums… also going to seed now

I was able to get some good prints from the alliums by both the pounding method and also bundle wrapping. The lupins also gave an interesting print but not as defined.


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