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2013-05-10 14.04.37

A forest of gorgeous yellow blossoms.

I let my 1st year woad plants go to seed. I’m grateful to see the actual life cycle of the woad for real in my own little community garden. I have to admit I’m not in love with the production steps involved in extracting the indigo from the 1st year plants to cull the BLUE for dyeing fabric –  but I appreciate the botanical aspects of growing the plant unto it’s own!

I have learned a lot about the nature of this ancient plant – so prominent in human and textile history.

at the start...

at the start…


Editing… the plants were taking over my plot (and my neighbour in the community garden)

Spring - seeds forming from the blossoms

Spring – seeds forming from the blossoms

Woad seeds maturing...

Woad seeds maturing…

at the end/beginning.

at the end/beginning.

I have enough seeds for a Woad farm. In certain parts of the world it’s banned from being grown because it can take over and is viewed as a pest. I can see why from it’s vigorous nature. I do have some 2012 indigo powder from the 1st year plantings so I will endeavour to dye a sample to complete my woad exploration.


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